Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

The Ft. Laurens Marker is Installed!  

Most of us missed Fort Laurens This Year…

…but not John and Betty Franklin!  They made the journey to Ft. Laurens this past Thursday, July 30th to witness the installation of the Ohio Historical Marker on the grounds of Ft. Laurens.

A small group of onlookers from the Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation and the Sons of the American Revolution gathered with Meghan Marley, the Ohio History Connection Archeologist, to dig and sift through the soil removed from the post hole excavation.  Quite naturally, there was concern for any possible archaeological artifacts that may have been buried there.  After a green light from Meghan the marker was erected and celebrated!  According to John & Betty, the marker looks great!  It is located just inside the entrance and across from the gatehouse of the park. 

The campaign to have the Ohio Historical Marker funded, fabricated and installed was a collective effort by a number of distinguished organizations passionately concerned with the preservation of the History of Ohio and it’s role in the American Revolutionary War. 

Many contributed time, energy and funding for the success of this campaign:

Friend of Fort Laurens Foundation

The Ohio Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

The Ohio Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

The George Washington Endowment Foundation

The Ohio History Connection



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