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WW II Veteran is Honored on his 95th Birthday

On Sunday June 28th, 2020 , the Cincinnati Chapter of the SAR , under the leadership of President Lee Wilkerson conducted a beautiful ceremony at Hillside Church honoring  Associate Pastor Russ Coburn, 95 years young and going strong ,  presenting him with the Good Citizen Medal and certificate of Recognition with appreciation extended for his brave service in WWII.

The invitation came at the behest of Senior Pastor, The Rev. Dr Ed Bonniwell. The Rev. Russ Coburn was a C- 47 Flyboy in WWII , flying the Hump in the Burma campaign under Gen. Stillwell.  The planes carried thousands of gallons of gasoline to desperately needed  troops to maintain the American/ Chinese advance.  The entire congregation at Hillside thrilled at the moment and for Rev Coburn it came as a complete and delightful  surprise !  At Hillside Church and throughout the city many hold Pastor Coburn with the highest regards! A special thanks is extended to Dan Schmidt, Chuck Rogers, Jack Bredenfoerder, and Clay Crandall who participated in full uniform with weapons! Dr Ed Bonniwell , host Pastor and SAR  Chaplain for the state of Ohio, observed the ceremony with great pride!  Pastor Coburn has been with Dr. Bonniwell as his associate since 1983 !

The saints of the Hillside Church were all deeply moved by the recognition ceremony, conducted with great dignity by President Lee.  The well wishes and language employed made the whole event most ennobling!  This was truly a memorable and beautiful time . Because Hillside is a “Church without walls!” meeting at the Quality Inn in Blue Ash , our Color-Guard really impressed the manger/owner and the guest that were present! After the service the saints had a luncheon in the Hotel Restaurant and one kid came and asked if those“ old time soldiers would be coming back?”  I told him “yes , and that in time they would be back . “ Continental Soldiers always  captivate  the public and cause all to remember our fight for freedom !

 Submitted by Dr . Ed Bonniwell  SAR Ohio State Chaplain

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