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Veteran Flyers Start New Tradition


(l-R) Steve Frash, Steve Kelley, Ed Clendenin of the Texas SAR, and Bob Hill.

The Ohio Society Color Guard presented the Colors at the 2018 Bomb Groups Joint Reunion held in Downtown Dayton on Saturday, September 15, 2018. The Group of 300 represented ten Bombardment Groups in the European Theater during World War Two.  There were fifty Army Corp Veterans who flew the Bombers present.

The oldest veteran present was Al Hintenach from Catonsville, Maryland. He was 103 spy years old. He flew with the 376th Bombardment Group.  He thought there was a lot of fuss about his service but he appreciated the chance to talk with old friends and people who remembered the B-24.

The SAR Color Guard presentation started a year ago with Ed Clendenin, a new member of the Texas SAR. He and his wife Pat thought that the reunion needed to step up its patriotic display.  Knowing that the reunion was going to be in Dayton, Ohio, Ed used the SAR Color Guard Contact list and asked the Ohio Color Guard Commander Steve Frash about availability.  Commander Frash agreed immediately and Ed’s wife, Pat began sewing Ed a uniform!

Ed Clendenin dressed in simple period clothing, his patriot was part of the minutemen of Massachusetts. From the Ohio Society, Steve Frash dressed in Pennsylvania 8th uniform leading the compliment. Steve Kelley of the Benjamin Franklin Chapter was in Continental line uniform and Bob Hill of Hocking Valley Chapter was in Dragoon Calvary uniform complete with bear fur helmet.

The reunion attendees were very pleased and excited by the presentation and were asking Ed to organize next year’s Color Guard Presentation in Dallas Texas. A new tradition has started for the Bombardment Groups Veterans.

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