Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Northwest Territory SAR Honors Area Patriots.

Compatriots of the Northwest Territory Chapter in collaboration with John Hancock Chapter, SAR honored three area Patriots on Saturday, September 8 in Pandora, Ohio. Patriots John Morehead, Israel Hubbard, Jr., and Hezekiah B. Hubble were memorialized for their Revolutionary war service.

John Morehead was a private in Capt. Philip Shrawder’s Company of Rangers serving on the western frontier of Pennsylvania during the war. Israel Hubbard, Jr. was a private serving four periods with his local Massachusetts militia from 1775 through 1778. Most noted was his statement from his pension application of his witnessing the surrender of General Burgoyne British troops to General Gates after the Battle of Saratoga. And Hezekiah Hubble was a private in the New Jersey Continental Line from 1775 through 1780. He saw action in the Battles of Springfield (NJ) and Brandywine and Monmouth (PA) among other duty during the war.

Morehead is buried in the Cholera Cemetery, just east of Gilboa, Putnam County, Blanchard Township,  Ohio and Hubbard is buried in the Malahan Cemetery Putnam County, Riley Township, Ohio. Hezekaih Hubble was buried just across the county line in Allen County, Richland Township in the Hubbell Cemetery on Shifferly Road, North of Rockport, Ohio.

Assisting with the ceremonies were the combined veterans color guard and fire squad of Putnam County, the Jr. ROTC Army unit from Kenton High School and the Ohio Society Color Guard. Local area DAR from Findley and Lima along with the Vice President General of the Central District, NSSAR, Timothy Ward, Ohio SAR State President Shawn Cox and Wm. Tony Robinson, Sr. President of the Ohio Society Children of the American Revolution were in attendance.

The Riley Township Trustees used this opportunity to restore the Malahan Cemetery by resetting markers, adding a split rail fence and placing a marker on the site. The cemetery was originally a family cemetery that over time was abandoned and came under the care of the trustees. Putnam County pioneers dating from the early 1830’s through 1870’s are buried  in this pioneer cemetery. Some may say what connection does this have to Williams County. If you investigate the early formation of NW Ohio County’s, you will learn that the northern parts of both Paulding and Putnam county’s were attached to Williams county until 1839. And, they fall into our local chapter’s service area for programs and activities.

The Northwest Territory Chapter, SAR is now working on leads in Fulton County, Ohio of three more area Patriots to be honored sometime in 2019. The chapter is excited to learn that one of the  Patriots will be are first Navy Patriot serving on the USS Ranger.

Hubbard wreath present

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