Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Mahoning Valley Chapter conduct an “Honor your Patriot” recruitment at Trumbull County Fair.

Members of the Mahoning Valley Chapter are conducting an “Honor Your Patriot” recruitment drive at the Trumbull County Fair from today until July 15th at Building 18 with our sister organization Mary Chesney DAR chapter.  This is our first year at this fair and they posted a photo of the Hub Scott flag collection on their facebook page.  During the morning hours Gale Alan Ebie was swore in as a new member.  While it is unusual for the Chapter to do so outside the meeting format since our next meeting will not be until fall we chose the venue to welcome him at this time.  This is one of two major Fairs that Mahoning Valley participate in, the other will be at the Canfield Fair.


Chapter President Phil Bracy, presents to Gale Alan Ebie his membership certificate after being sworn in with Larry Koval looking on. Photo by Scott Davis


Part of the Hub Scott flag collection at the Trumbull County Fair. Color Guardsman Larry Koval joined us for the occasion. Photo by Phil Bracy.

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