Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Mahoning Valley SAR Represented at Fort Laurens Memorial Service – Bolivar, OH

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, the Mahoning Valley Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution participated in Honoring the Unknown Patriot at Fort Laurens in Bolivar, Ohio. The Ohio Society conducts the ceremony each year with the assistance of the Ohio History  Connection, Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation and the Zoar Community Association. The highlights of the ceremony were: presentation of Colors from Color Guards from all over the United States, the Keynote address by VPG Robert Fish, a Memorial  Wreath Presentation by Sons , Daughters  and Children of the American Revolution and a musket salute. The  ceremony closed with Taps and Benediction.

Phil Bracey, President of Mahoning Valley Chapter saluting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in their first appearance as a Chapter of the SAR.  Photos courtesy of John and Betty Franklin.

Fort Laurens is the only American Revolutionary Fort in Ohio and was constructed in 1778 as a stepping stone across the West to stage an attack on the British at Fort Detroit. When the British became curious about colonist movements they sent a detachment of native Americans and British forces. An unarmed group of American soldiers without weapons were surprised by the British and 13 were killed while gathering firewood. The British and their allies then lay siege to the fort causing starvation and forcing Americans to eat grass and roots. 21 Americans died at Fort Laurens.American reinforcements arrived and drove the British off. It lost its strategic advantage and in 1779 was abandoned. On site is the Tomb of the Unknown Patriot resting place of one of the five  who were unable to be identified. No part of the fort remains above ground but the outline of the fort is still visible. Representing the Mahoning Valley Chapter were President, Phil Bracy who laid the Wreath for the Chapter at the tomb of the Unknown Patriot, Vice President John Opre and Secretary, Scott Davis.

The Sons of the American Revolution is a historical, educational and Patriotic organization. The purpose of the Society are to  maintain and extend the institutions of American Freedom, appreciation for true Patriotism, respect for National symbols, the values of American citizenship, the unifying force of e pluribus unum that has created from the people of many nations , one nation and one people. It’s members are male descendants of people who can document ancestry to those who served in the Revolutionary War or who contributed to establishing the Independence of the United States. If you would like information on the Chapter please contact us by e-mail at MVCSSAR@gmail.com or visit our facebook page.


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