Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

OHS at SAR Congress – Knoxville, TN

2017-08-05 08.39.12

The Ohio Society Members Attend the President General’s Banquet at the SAR National Congress in Knoxville, Tennessee.

2017 Congress, Knoxville, TN – Congratulations to Isaiah Paik, a student at University School, for his wonderful oration at the NSSAR Congress in Knoxville, TN. where he won second place.  Oration Co-Chairmen Jack Bredenfoerder and John Franklin, with Isaiah Paik and President General J. Michael Tomme.  Isaiah received an Oration Medal, a certificate and a check for $3,000. 


 John Franklin receives the highest SAR award, the Minuteman Award, from President General J. Michael Tomme.  Larry McKinley was Franklin’s escort.


Paul Wilke receives the Gold Color Guard Medal. (l-r: Jack Bredenfoerder, Tony Robinson, Anna Innsprucker, Paul Wilke, Steve Hart, and PG J. Michael Tomme 


Color Guard from Ohio joined the National Society Color Guard on Sunday for the Annual Memorial Service. (l-r: Shawn Cox, Tim Ward, Anna I. Wilke, Tony Robinson, Jack Bredenfoerder, Troy Bailey, Michael Gunn, Lady Bailey, and John Franklin.)






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