Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Liberty Camp – Logan


The Hocking Valley Chapter, Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution, recently participated for two nights in the annual Liberty Camp sponsored by the Four Corners Baptist Church near Logan, Ohio (Hocking County) during the last week of July. 

The Liberty Camp was a 5 day event for 3 hours each evening in a beautiful setting behind the church. The children were taught in separate groups of 20-minute classes at different stations. During the week, subjects ranged from our nation’s settlement, the founding documents, patriotism, colonial life and how food and clothing were made, Christianity in early America, patriot pastors of the Black Robe Regiment,  causes leading up to the American Revolution (including the Boston Tea Party where kids dumped boxes of “tea” from a playground wooden ship into the “harbor” of grass), Paul Revere’s ride, life in the Militia and Continental Army, medicine during this time, and the suffering at Valley Forge (in this session, kids walked in rag- wrapped feet through baby pools filled with ice water to get a feel for the cold at Valley Forge). 

On Tuesday evening, the Hocking Valley Chapter Color Guard posted the colors and performed their flag-folding ceremony for the children. Keith Kaufman gave his stirring Patrick Henry speech, classes on the Founding Documents were taught by John Dye, and Bob Hill taught about Paul Revere’s ride. On Wednesday, classes on surgery and medicine during the Revolution were taught by Tom Hankins, life in the Continental Army by Bob Davis and Bob Hill, and life in the Militia by Paul Irwin and David Nessley. Other chapter participants were Don Miller, Matt Hardman, Al Gummere, and Chuck Bundy. 

An elegantly robed King George lll walked around camp periodically each night, collecting “taxes” from the children’s “gold” coins earned during their participation in classes and giving correct answers. This gave the kids a taste of “taxation without representation.” On Friday, the last day  included a family banquet and period fife and drum music. Also, the children spent their remaining coins, not taxed by the king, at the camp store.

The Hocking Valley Chapter has enjoyed its association with the Liberty Camp for 4 years, and the SAR goals to promote patriotism, history, and education were fulfilled by its participation at the Liberty Camp.

Above:  Bob Hill, a dragoon with drawn saber, talks of how cavalry would attack infantry, as portrayed by his compatriot, Bob Davis.


Photo Two: Tom Hankins discusses medicine and surgery during the Revolution.


Photo Three: Paul Irwin talks about life in the Militia.


Photo Four: John Dye speaks to his class on our nation’s Founding Documents.


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