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Arthur St. Clair Chapter SAR Honors Soldiers of the Revolution – Ross County, OH

The Arthur St.Clair Chapter of the Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution honored three Revolutionary War Soldiers at noon on July 15, 2017, brothers Andrew and William Cochran, and the Father-in-Law of Andrew Cochran, Thomas Hewitt. All of these soldiers, born in Ireland, moved to Ohio from Northumberland County, PA after serving as Rangers of the Frontier, and in the Pennsylvania Continental Line, during the Revolutionary War.

L>R – Joe Forte, Bill McBroom, Jeff Johnson, (fife player) John Conklin, Terry Cochran, Kregg Uhrig, Dave Cochran, Tom Morris

Military headstones with “1776” flag markers were installed for two of the soldiers, Andrew Cochran and Thomas Hewitt, in the “Old Clark Farm Cemetery”, otherwise known as the Greenland Cemetery, in Concord Township, Ross County, Ohio. The headstones were installed in this cemetery because some of their children are buried here. It is unknown where these two soldiers are actually buried, but documentation proves them to be in the area while in their 90s.

The third soldier, William Cochran, is buried in the Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Concord Township, Ross County, Ohio, just south of Roxabell, Ohio. William’s grave was already marked by a headstone so the only items recently installed were a “1776” flag marker and flag.

Thomas Hewitt had served with extra distinction, he was elected President Judge for Northumberland County, PA and served in that position from 1776 – 1780 with four other sub-ordinate judges, he was further appointed to confiscate properties of Loyalists for 1777 – 1778 and distribute to others as needed. Thomas’s daughter Isabel married Andrew Cochran in Northumberland County. The couple relocated to Ohio shortly after the marriage. He attained the age of 103 before death.

Revolutionary Soldier reenactors, (Joseph Ogle’s Company, Ohio County Militia), composed of members Joe Forte, Kregg Uhrig, Bill McBroom, David Cochran, Terry Cochran, Jeff Johnson, Tom Norris, and fife player John Conklin did an excellent military memorial service for the three soldiers recognized. All these reenactors should be recognized for their superior authentic dress, weapons, and attention to detail. All our patriots deserve no less of a memorial. This service was provided free of charge to these soldiers and this group have provided several similar services to the other SAR and DAR recognition ceremonies in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Indiana.

Arthur St. Clair Chapter President Steven Patrick conducts the ceremony.

Tom Lovensheimer of the Arthur St. Clair Chapter SAR does opening Invocation after Pledge of Allegiance.

Helen Norris of the Nathaniel Massie DAR does a reading.

Dr. Michael Geron does a reading.

Skylar Grate, a descendant and DAR Member, provides information pertaining to the Cochran Brothers.

Steven Patrick, Arthur St. Clair Chapter President provides information pertaining to Thomas Hewitt.

Dr. Michael Geron unveils the headstones after a reading.

SAR members and descendants of soldiers – Terry and Mike Cochran place flags.

The local Daughters of the American Revolution Chapters – Nathaniel Massie Chapter of Ross County, Ohio and Pickaway Plains of Pickaway County, Ohio, both had members participate in the ceremony. Barbara Geron of Pickaway Plains Chapter presented a wreath for her chapter and LaVersa Motes of Nathaniel Massie Chapter presented a wreath for her chapter, and her chapter provided water and cookies to be enjoyed after the ceremony as well.

Barbara Geron – Pickaway Plains – DAR

LaVersa Motes – Nathaniel Massie – DAR

DR. Michael Geron presented a wreath for the Arthur St. Clair Chapter.

Closing remarks were provided by Arthur St. Clair Chapter President Steven Patrick and the closing benediction was provided by Arthur St. Clair Chapter Genealogist Tom Lovensheimer.  Twenty-five Cochran descendants attended the memorial service as pictured below. In this picture are two DAR members and two SAR members.

Picture of SAR and DAR Members present at ceremony.

William Cochran’s Headstone is not in this cemetery, as earlier mentioned. Below is a photo of his headstone.

Note: Thomas Hewitt’s descendants are mostly in Illinois and Iowa. Steven Patrick made contact with a Hewitt family in Iowa and they were planning on attending the ceremony but the patriarch of the family became very ill and the family decided to stay with him, as the illness was very serious.

Members of Arthur ST. Clair Chapter that participated in this event were;

Steven Joe Patrick – President    Nicholas Hamilton – Secretary

Dr. Michael Geron – Registrar   Robert Fetters – Genealogist

Tom Lovensheimer – Event Chaplain

John Motes – observer

Justin Peterson – observer

Shaw Cox – OHSSAR 1st Vice-President – observer

Steven JTTR Patrick Jr. – Jr. Member – observer

Carter Scott Patrick – Jr. Member – observer

Terry Cochran and Mike Cochran – descendants

Let us never forget the sacrifices our Revolutionary Patriots, and their families, endured so that we may have the freedoms that all Americans now enjoy, so that we never take these freedoms for granted. 

If information is needed please contact me.

Steven Joe Patrick

OHSSAR Arthur St. Clair Chapter President

728 East Main Street

740-772-2254 (H)

740-649-6038 (C)

Chillicothe, Ohio 45601     sjppatrick@outlook.com


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