Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Washboard Festival – Logan


On Saturday, June 17th at Logan’s Washboard Festival (in Hocking County) the Hocking Valley Chapter Color Guard had an easier time carrying their flags and muskets than most parades where they march. This time the marching was done by two large and beautiful Clydesdale horses pulling a wagon filled with color guard members, a few of their wives, and kids from the Liberty Camp, a faith-based summer program that teaches children ages 8-12, early American history, patriotism, and civics. The color guard enjoyed waving to the friendly crowd lining the streets of downtown Logan as the Liberty Camp kids took turns passing out candy to parade onlookers. The Hocking Valley Chapter will be helping with programs at the Liberty Camp being held at the Four Corners Baptist Church near Logan during the week of July 24-28.

Color Guard members riding in the wagon at the Washboard Festival were: Jeff Walt, Chuck Bundy, Jim Stoner, Bob Hill, Don Miller, Paul Irwin, Keith Kaufman, and Matt Hardman. Member’s wives: Sharon Hardman, Phyllis Bundy, and June Kaufman.



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