Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Ohio SAR Gives Special Recognition for Service to the C.A.R.

LtoR: Ohio SAR President Col. (Ret) Donald C. McGraw; Compatriot William A. “Tony” Robinson; Compatriot William F. Perkins, Jr.

At the Ohio Society SAR 128th Annual State Conference, state president, Col. (Ret.) Donald C. McGraw presented the National Society SAR – C.A.R. Silver Medal of Appreciation to Compatriots William A. “Tony” Robinson of the Camp Charlotte Chapter, and William F. Perkins, Jr. of the Richard Montgomery Chapter.

The medal was presented in recognition of, and in appreciation for, outstanding services rendered to the Ohio Society Children of the American Revolution.  Both have served in senior leadership positions, and have dedicated many hours of service in mentoring C.A.R. members and assisting in the activities of the organization.  Compatriot Robinson is the current Senior 1st Vice President of the OSCAR.

The Children of the American Revolution is now the nation’s oldest and largest, patriotic youth organization. C.A.R. offers membership to anyone under the age of 22 who is lineally descended from someone who served in the Continental Army or gave material aid to the cause of freedom in the American Revolution.


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