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Ohio Society SAR Holds 128th Annual Conference – Blue Ash, OH

Newly Elected Officers Sworn (L to R): Tony Robinson; Rev. James O. Fast; Tim Ward; John Bredenfoerder; Troy Bailey; Turner Lee Wilkerson; L. Stephen Hinson; Shawn Cox; Donald C. McGraw, Jr.

The Ohio Society SAR held its 128th Annual State Conference on May 5th, 6th, and 7th at the Crowne Plaza Blue Ash Hotel in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio. The event was hosted by Col. (ret) Donald C. McGraw, President of the Ohio Society. Fifteen chapters of the Ohio Society were represented at the three-day event. NSSAR Central District Vice President General Thomas Payne and Secretary General Larry Guzy were present as representatives of the National Society SAR.

Friday evening included a plated dinner in the Carpenter’s Run Ballroom, followed by a meeting of the Executive Committee, attended by 24 compatriots. The Ohio Society SAR Ladies Auxiliary gathered for social time in the Hospitality Room.

Saturday began with the Board of Management and Annual Meetings. President McGraw gave his annual summary of the affairs of the Society during the 2016-2017 leadership term. Continuing with a second term as President, he presented his goals for 2017-2018 as involving an increase in membership; improvement in annual membership renewals; reinforcement of the Society’s patriotic, historical and educational programs; a strengthening of the operations of the organization; maintenance of a balanced budget; improvement of the funding stream for operations; and a broadening of compatriot exposure at state activities and governance. The meeting was well attended by 27 compatriots.

Compatriot Timothy E. Ward of the Northeastern Ohio Chapter was selected by the membership to be the Ohio Society’s nominee for the Vice President General of the Central District for the 2018-2019 term.

The uncontested slate of officers for leadership of the Ohio Society was unanimously adopted by the membership. Elected were: Donald C. McGraw, Jr., President; Shawn A. Cox, First Vice President; L. Stephen Hinson, Second Vice President; Turner L. Wilkerson III, Secretary; Troy Bailey, Registrar; John H. Bredenfoerder, Treasurer; Richard L. Carr, Jr. Esq, Chancellor; Dr. James D. River, Historian; Timothy E. Ward, Genealogist; Rev. James O. Fast, Chaplain; William A. Robinson, Director-at-Large 2017-2020; James D. Schaffer, National Trustee; and Timothy E. Ward, Alternate National Trustee. Continuing in unexpired terms are: Paul M. Wilke, Director-at-Large 2015-2018; and Timothy E. Ward, Director-at-Large 2016-2019.

The Ohio Society SAR Ladies Auxiliary simultaneously held its Annual Meeting. Following a presentation on White House China by Ohio DAR Honorary Regent Patsy Gaines, the election of officers was held.

Thereafter, compatriots and guests joined for a luncheon that included a presentation of awards for a portion of the youth contests that the Ohio Society offers throughout the year.

The afternoon’s activities included judging for the state’s Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest, the Sgt. Moses Adams Brochure Contest, and the D.G. High Oration Contest.

A formal banquet concluded Saturday’s schedule of events. The banquet was opened by the posting of the National Colors by the Ohio Society SAR Color Guard with a compliment of 20 uniformed compatriots from chapters throughout the state. The National Anthem was performed by soloist Haley Stevens, a senior at the local Lakota East High School. Greetings from the National Society President General were delivered by Central District Vice President General Thomas Payne. Secretary General Larry Guzy was the keynote speaker, and stressed the importance of engaging members through individual interaction in his remarks. The banquet concluded with the presentation of awards for the Poster Contest, the Brochure Contest, and the Oration Contest, as well as a multitude of recognition and awards to compatriots and distinguished guests.

On Sunday morning, the Ohio Society SAR Chaplain, Rev. James O. Fast held the Society’s Annual Memorial Service for 32 departed compatriots from across Ohio. As each name was read, a member placed a flag on a map of Ohio denoting his chapter of membership.

The last event for the conference was the oath of office for the newly elected officers (photo above), which was administered by Central District Vice President General Thomas Payne.


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