Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

SAR Holds National Spring Leadership Meeting – Louisville, KY


The National Society Sons of the American Revolution held its 2017 Spring Leadership Meeting at the Brown Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky from March 2 – 4, 2017.  The three day event included meetings of the Society’s Executive Committee, Trustees, as well as over 50 working committees. The meeting was presided over by President General J. Michael Tomme, Sr. of the Georgia Society.


SAR President General J. Michael Tomme, Sr.

The Ohio Society was well represented.  In attendance were compatriots John H. Franklin, Jr. of the Western Reserve Society; Michael B. Gunn, Gary Duffield, John H. Bredenfoerder, Ken Carpenter, Paul M. Wilke, Donald C. McGraw Jr. (Ohio Society President), and James D. Schaffer (Ohio Society National Trustee) of the Cincinnati Chapter; Troy Bailey (Ohio Society Registrar), Steve Hinson (Ohio Society Treasurer), and Tim Ward (Ohio Society Alternate National Trustee) of the Northeastern Ohio Chapter; Larry Perkins of the Ebenezer Zane Chapter; and William A. Tony Robinson of the Camp Charlotte Chapter.

During the event, it was announced that Ohio Compatriot Paul M. Wilke would be installed as the SAR Color Guardsman of the Year, and Ohio Compatriot John H. Franklin, Jr. would be installed as a Minuteman of the Class of 2017, at the upcoming 2017 Annual Congress in Knoxville, Tennessee July 7 – 13th.


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