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Wesleyan Flags replaced by CCSAR – Cincinnati


During and after the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) Memorial Day Ceremony at Wesleyan Cemetery we noticed the two flags on the pole at the GAR Monument were in poor condition (a 50 Star Stars & Stripes and a black MIA flag). We were there that day to re-dedicate the Granite Monument we’d placed during the fall of 2015 for the 19 Revolutionary War Patriots buried at Wesleyan.

While setting up and after the completion of our services on May 30th we were approached by a Mrs. Young who asked for our opinion of the maintenance at the cemetery. She was unhappy about the long grass among other deficiencies and reported that she had the assurance from City Mayor that the tattered flags would be replaced.

It has been three more months that tattered flags have been flying above the SAR Memorial Monument and the GAR Oblisk, so members of the CCSAR and Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard took action. Gary Duffield obtained replacement flags, Ken Carpenter delivered them to the Wesleyan Cemetery at 10:00 AM today, then Gregg Ballman and Mike Gunn replaced the old flags with the newly purchased pair. The pole was lubricated to enable a smoother future replacement, trimmed the offensive maple tree branches guilty of causing much of the tattering and sent the old flags to the “retirement box” where they will meet a proper ceremony in early December on River Road at our Flag Retirement Ceremony.



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