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Pokemon Finds Patriots Davis – Columbus


Pokemon Go is taking the country by storm, particularly young people.  But to my surprise, even Revolutionary Patriots are identified in the virtual game played on Smart phones.

Neil Dunn, age eleven, was in the backseat of the van on a recent trip up to the Columbus Zoo along Riverside Drive (SR-33) playing the popular game when suddenly he said – Dad, stop the car – there are Patriot Graves located in that small Cemetery on the right – Pokemon is flashing the site.  Sure enough when James and Neil (Members of Camp Charlotte) went to investigate there was a husband and wife maker celebrating both of their combined service in the Revolution.

“John and Ann Simpson Davis lie under a double monument in the Davis
cemetery, John died Jan. 25, 1832. Age 71 yrs. 4 mo and 18 days. Ann died
June 6, 1851. Age 88 yrs, 5 mos, and 8 days. Their war records are inscribed
on either side of the monument. Both had served for General Washington.
They came to Ohio in 1816 but did not settle on the Scioto River until 1818.
Four sons and a daughter came with them. Son William was married and
brought his family with him. Other friends and relatives came with them
and others followed later on.”  (Info and picture from Find-A-Grave)


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