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Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge Committee Receives Ohio Society SAR Flag Certificate


The Sons of the American Revolution proudly presents certificates of appreciation to individuals, companies and government agencies that fly the United States flag in display of exceptional patriotism.  Each of our twenty-three Ohio Society SAR chapters across the state is encouraged to seek out those who properly display our American Flag, and to publicly recognize them for their patriotic spirit in doing so.  Additionally, the Ohio Society President presents a Flag Certificate on behalf of the state organization, representing over 1,700 members.

This year, Ohio Society SAR President James D. Schaffer chose the Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge Committee (CCSBC) to receive the state’s SAR Flag Certificate in August.  The CCSBC is a citizens group dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the John A. Roebling Bridge which spans the Ohio River between Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky.

This historic bridge opened to pedestrian traffic on December 1, 1866, and  vehicle traffic on January 1, 1867. It was designed and built by German-born American civil engineer Johann August Roebling, who later designed and constructed the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City in 1883.  Construction on the bridge began in September of 1856, and was delayed due to funding issues and the Civil War.  At the time of its opening, the bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world, with its main span measuring 1,057 feet.  Today, the bridge is owned and maintained by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and is both a National Historic Landmark and a National Civil Engineering Landmark.  It continues to support traffic between the two states.

In 1976, the CCSBC obtained permission to begin flying flags on a continual basis from the poles atop the bridge towers. The Bennington Flag, with thirteen stars and a ’76 in the field, is flown over the Kentucky tower, and the Fifty-Star Flag over the Ohio tower.  The appropriate state flag is flown beneath the American Flags.

Upon receiving the SAR Flag Certificate, Mr. Henry Peters, President of the CCSBC, wrote in appreciation: “Thank you so very much for the Flag Certificate.  The flags on our bridge highlighted by our new lights, stand out beautifully every night.  God Bless our Country”.

To the hundreds of thousands of people who live in, or visit, the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky region, the John A. Roebling Bridge is not only a historic symbol, but a symbol of the patriotic spirit of the American people.


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