Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Hocking Valley Chapter SAR Enlightens Youth at “Liberty Camp” in Logan, Ohio


The Hocking Valley Chapter assisted in bringing the American Revolution to life for children attending a 5-day “Liberty Camp” hosted by the Cornerstone Baptist Church near Logan, in beautiful Hocking County, Ohio. The Liberty Camp lasted 3 hours each evening and began Monday, August 3rd, where the children, ages 8-12 years old, were assigned to groups and began learning about the Magna Carta, Jamestown, the Pilgrims, and colonial life. Compatriot John Dye assisted the teachers on these topics. The children were given “gold” coins for attending programs and giving correct answers to questions.

On Tuesday the children learned about events leading up to the American Revolution, including the Boston Tea Party (the kids got to dump boxes of “tea” from a boat into the “harbor” of grass). Pastor Jim Walz appeared as Peter Muhlenberg and told the story of the Black Robe Regiment. Compatriots Bob Davis and Tom Hankins gave a presentation on how to fold the U.S. Flag and the meaning of each fold.

On Wednesday, the Hocking Valley Chapter Color Guard presented the colors at the beginning of the program. Compatriots Tom Hankins and Bob Davis set up a tent and campsite and spoke to the children about the life of a soldier, his equipment, the battles, and hardships while encamped at Valley Forge and Morristown (Foxy Hollow). Compatriots Dave Nessley and Paul Irwin presented the militia’s role in the Revolution. The Liberty Camp instructors set up an area for the children to walk barefooted through ice water to give them an idea of the patriot soldier’s winter hardships.  On this night as well, “King George” attempted to collect taxes by taking a portion of the children’s hard-earned gold coins. He made the mistake of coming into the Continental Camp and was promptly encouraged out of camp by bayonet point.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution, as well a study of the Star Spangled Banner was the focus of Thursday evening. Compatriot John Dye shared his expertise on our founding documents that included copies of the documents, maps, illustrations, non-firing weapons, antiques, tools, and other items of interest.

On Friday the Liberty Camp concluded with a family potluck picnic, awards, and the Liberty Store (where the children could spend their gold coins). The Heritage Fife and Drum performed period music for all to enjoy. The Hocking Valley Chapter was proud to take part in such an important educational experience for the children.

Shown above are compatriots Bob Davis, left, as a Continental soldier, and Tom Hankins, right, as a British soldier, awaiting their students.  Shown in the left photo below are compatriots Paul Irwin, left, and Dave Nessley, right, speaking to the children about life as a militia man in the Revolution. Shown in the right photo is compatriot John Dye as he gives a great presentation on the American Revolution to an attentive young audience.



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