Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Commemorating the Patriots of Fort Laurens


On July 25th, 2015, the Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution hosted its annual Fort Laurens Memorial Service at the site of this historic Revolutionary War fort in Bolivar, Tuscarawas County, Ohio.  Members of the SAR migrate to this ceremony each year, and pay homage to the American soldiers who died here in its siege in 1779 by British forces and their Native American allies.   This year, SAR members came from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania to this participate in this years’ activities, considered a national event in the National Society SAR organization.

In addition to the SAR, patriotic groups and organizations in attendance included the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Children of the American Revolution, the Daughters of 1812, and the Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation.

A color guard of members from the aforementioned SAR state societies presented the National Colors, and stood guard in a circle around the Tomb of the Unknown Patriot of the American Revolution, while over 35 wreaths were placed at the grave.

The keynote speaker was Compatriot Bob Bowen, a member of the Virginia Society of the SAR, and past Historian General and Registrar General of the National Society.

The ceremony concluded with a musket salute, taps, and the retirement of the National Colors.

The Fort Laurens Historic Site is owned by the Ohio History Connection, and is managed by the Zoar Community Association, without whose support this event would not have been possible.


SAR Color Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Patriot of the American Revolution


Compatriot Bob Bowen of the Virginia Society SAR Delivers Keynote Address


Wreaths Presented at Tomb


Musket Salute


Traditional Gathering of Attendees



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