Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Cincinnati Chapter Presents Capt. Howard Miller Flag Display – Hamilton, Ohio

2015 014

On Saturday, June 13th, 2014, the John Reily Chapter DAR of Hamilton, Ohio; Nathaniel Sackett Chapter DAR of Monroe, Ohio;  Col. Jonathan Bayard Smith Chapter DAR of Middletown, Ohio; Oxford Caroline Scott Chapter DAR of Oxford, Ohio; and Gov. Othniel Looker Chapter DAR of Harrison, Ohio joined together at the Marriott Courtyard in Hamilton for a combined luncheon in celebration of Flag Day.

The keynote speaker was Compatriot Paul M. Wilke of the Cincinnati Chapter Sons of the American Revolution who spoke on the chapter’s Captain Howard Miller Memorial Flag Collection and rituals of the American Flag.  Compatriot Wilke was assisted by his granddaughter, Anna Insprucker, of the Fort Hamilton Society of the Children of the American Revolution.

The camaraderie shared by the three kindred patriotic organizations made this a truly enjoyable event.

2015 018

Compatriot Wilke and the Captain Howard Miller Memorial Flag Collection

2015 039

Compatriot Wilke assisted by Anna Insprucker of the C.A.R.



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