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Scouter of the Year – Circleville

2015-05-21 08.40.40

Vice President General Wm Tony Robinson received the 2015 Scouter of the Year Award from the Simon Kenton Council BSA, the Pickaway County Communities and the Boys of Troop 170 of Circleville. Mayor Don Mcllroy of Circleville presented the Scout Trophy to Scoutmaster Robinson at the Mayors Breakfast held at the Ohio Christian University on Thursday, May 21st.

A Troop member, Flynn Shannon spoke for the thirty member troop in thanking Scoutmaster Robinson for his leadership and his inspiration.  Flynn laughed and said, “Scoutmaster Robinson listens to me and he always pushes me to do better, as a matter of fact, after our talks I want to wrestle and bear and start twelve campfires at the same time!”

Tony is a lifelong scout becoming active in Cub Scouts in Lafayette, Indiana in 1957.  He attended the 1964 National Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge and became an Eagle Scout in 1967.  He became active with Troop 170 of Circleville in 2011 and became Scoutmaster in 2013, even though he has no sons in the troop. He has seen seven scouts achieve the rank of Eagle and is helping an additional five in the next year.

In addition to the local scouting, Tony has been the Eagle Scout Chairman for the Ohio Society and has been the Certificate Secretary for the National Society.

At the close of the presentation, both the scouts and their Scoutmaster pointed at the other when asked who learns from whom?  Congratulations to VPG Robinson and Troop 170.

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