Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Revolutionary Guard – Pataskala


The Hocking Valley Chapter served as the color guard at a special presentation to honor veterans at the Licking Heights South Elementary School in Pataskala on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11th. The six HVC color guard members marched into a full gymnasium of thrilled children accompanied with their teachers, some parents, and dozens of veterans related to the children.

During the program the SAR compatriots spoke to the audience and described a short history of their Revolutionary ancestors. After the program, they were invited to speak to a class, and then were asked to mingle with the children in the cafeteria. The children were very well-behaved and curious, asking many questions and the Hocking Valley compatriots enjoyed their morning with the children immensely.

Above: (L-R) Compatriots Paul Irwin, HVC President Carl Roshong, Bob Hill, John Dye, Tom Hankins, Bob Davis pose for a photo after the event. Compatriot Bob Hill appeared as a Lee’s Legion dragoon for the first time.

Below: (L-R) Carl Roshong, left, answers a question for one of the students, as Bob Hill, Tom Hankins, and Paul Irwin listen.



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