Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Central District Meeting – Blue Ash

2014-11-02 03.43.37

Central District Meetings was held November 1st in Blue Ash, Ohio.  Vice President General William Tony Robinson hosted the state  society officers from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia on the North side of Metro Cincinnati.  Many national Officers and candidates for national office were also present allowing everyone a chance to meet and greet each other in a “local” setting.  President General Lindsey Cook Brock was present as well as Treasurer General Mike Tomme, Registrar General Larry Guzy, and Genealogist General John Sinks. Former President General David Sympson was also present.

2014-11-01 12.34.27

Pictured above are the present, future and past VPGs of Central District. Tony Robinson (l) the Current VPG congratulates Bob Howell (c) of Indiana on his upcoming term as VPG while Lance Carter (l), former VPG from West Virginia reassures Bob that the position is an honor/

2014-11-01 21.56.53

Pictured above is the Banquet speaker, Paul Lockhart (c), the author of two Revolutionary Books – The Drillmaster of Valley Forge and the Whites of Their Eyes.  Paul is a history professor at Wright State University in Dayton.


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