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Six Receive New Medal – Galliapolis


At the Fall Board of Management on October 4, 2014 the following members of the Ohio Society received the Patriotic Grave marking medal/ They are Troy Bailey (NEO), Jim Canton (NEO),  Pildner (NEO),  Steve Hinson (NEO), and President Ted Minier (WRS).  Not pictured, but receiving the award was Jim Fast (Centennial Chapter).

In addition, membership renewal packets for 2015 were distributed to the Chapters present. Dues and forms should be submitted to Troy Bailey, State Registrar, by December 15, 2014 so that the state may forward to national in a timely manner.

The Ohio Society endorsed this slate of officers for national office for 2015 -2016.

President General                           Tom E. Lawrence (TX)

Secretary General                          John “Mike” Tomme, Sr. (GA)

Treasurer General                           Larry T. Guzy (GA)

Registrar General                            Russell F. DeVenney Jr. (MO)

Chancellor General                         Davis Le Wright, Esq. (DE)

Genealogist General                       John D. Sinks (VA)

Historian General                            John O. Thornhill (NC)

Librarian General                            C. Bruce Pickette (AL)

Surgeon General                             Dr. Larry M. Leslie (KY)

Chaplain General                            Rev. Dr. James C. Taylor (TX)

SAR Foundation                              Lindsey C. Brock (FL)

SAR Foundation                              Michael J. Elston (VA)


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