Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

240th Anniversary of the Battle of Point Pleasant – Pt. Pleasant, WV


On October 4 and 5, members of the Ohio Society took part in remembering the Battle of Pt. Pleasant  at the confluence of the Kanawha and Ohio Rivers where the bloody, day-long Battle of Point Pleasant was fought. On October 10, 1774, Colonel Andrew Lewis’ 1,100 Virginia militiamen decisively defeated a like number of Indians lead by the Shawnee Chieftain Cornstalk. Considered a landmark in frontier history, some believed the battle to be the first of the American Revolution. This action broke the power of the ancient Americans in the Ohio Valley and quelled a general Indian war on the frontier. Significantly, it also prevented an alliance between the British and Indians, one which could very possibly have caused the Revolution to have a different outcome, altering the entire history of the U.S. In addition, the ensuing peace with the Indians enabled western Virginians to return across the Allegheny Mountains to aid Revolutionary forces. OHSSAR leads a parade to commemorate this National event each year at the site of the battle.

(Above) The Combined Central District Color Guard led the parade down Main Street with Ohio Society drummer, Tom Romine.


After the parade members of the Ohio Society met at the monument in Tu-Endie-Wei State Park for a photo op. In the center are NSSAR President General, Lindsey C. Brock, and Vice President General Central District, William Anthony “Tony” Robinson.


Later that evening after the parade, it was time for the Colonial Reception and Ball. Richard Fetzer (right) from the Western Reserve Society dances up a storm with Jane Coles (Mrs. Finlay J. Coles) from Pt. Pleasant, WV.


On Sunday there was a wreath ceremony at the Point to remember the early patriots.  The Ohio Society members gather at the site of the Magazine where the remains are interred.  President General  Lindsey Brock and his wife Billie, and Vice President General from the Central District, Tony Robinson are in the center of the group.



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