Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Honoring the Founder – Elizabethtown, WV

Bob and Marker

In conjunction with the Elizabethtown festival, two events were held Saturday in Moundsville in remembrance of its founding father, Joseph Tomlinson Jr., who was born in 1745 and died in 1825.

The first was a memorial service at Mount Rose Cemetery at the gravesite of Tomlinson who founded of Elizabethtown, the name in honor of his wife, Elizabeth. In 1798, Tomlinson laid out a tract into town lots. That town would later become known as Moundsville.

The second event of Saturday, the first day of the two-day, 16th annual Elizabethtown Festival, described an early 1800s Heritage Festival. Eleven descendants of Robert Tomlinson Jr., were among those in attendance at the laying of the new marker.

Robert Tomlinson of Martins Ferry said that some 40 years ago, the original marker at the gravesite was damaged and over the years it had continued to deteriorate. A year ago, the Ebenezer Zane Chapter of the Ohio Society of the Son of the American Revolutionary decided to place a bronze marker at the head of the old monument. Members of the Ebenezer Zane Chapter were joined by members of the George Washington Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the Revolutionary.

Ebenezer Zane Chapter President, George R. Ruch welcomed those in attendance at the service, while was followed by Ebenezer Zane Chapter Vice President Merle Tomlinson leading the pledge of allegiance. Remarks followed by Jane Klug, president of the Marshall County Historical Society and Moundsville Mayor Eugene Saunders Sr. A tribute to Joseph Tomlinson Jr., by Robert Thompson who introduced family members. Members of Tomlinson family then unveiled the marker.



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