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Fort Laurens Memorial – Bolivar





“Fort Laurens was built in late November, 1778, on the west bank of the Tuscarawas River near what is now Bolivar, Ohio. General McIntosh named the fort in honor of the President of the Continental Congress, Henry Laurens. The wooden stockade was approximately one acre in size. It was a quadrangular-shaped fort with four bastions approximately 240 feet from the top of one angle of a bastion to another. Barracks and storehouse buildings were located inside the walls. 172 men and women were garrisoned at the frontier outpost.

Fort Laurens remained an active American military post from November of 1778 through early August of 1779. During that time, the fort was clearly perceived by the British and their Indian allies in the northwest as a very serious threat. This was evident from the numerous attacks on the fort by Indians, Loyalists and British soldiers. These attacks resulted in the death of more than 20 American soldiers, who were later buried a short distance from the fort, near the fort hospital.

Just outside the Fort Laurens Museum, which houses many artifacts from the fort site, is The Tomb of the Unknown Patriot of the American Revolution. It pays lasting homage to at least one of the unknown defenders of the fort. The young man was laid to rest with full military honors from the Ohio National Guard in 1976.” – Friends of Fort Laurens



Each July the Sons of the American Revolution pays its respects to the fallen at Fort Laurens. On Saturday, July 26th the Ohio Society led the Memorial Service.  State Society President Ted Minier, and Central District Vice President General William Tony Robinson presented wreaths at the tomb, as well as,  fifteen chapters of the SAR, DAR and CAR. Thad Hartman of the Virginia Society gave a presentation on his nine patriot ancestors that were garrisoned at the Fort.

The Summer Board of Management of the Ohio Society met in a nearby restaurant where awards from the National Congress were distributed to the Chapters and individual members.




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