Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Liberty Camp – Findlay




The John Hancock Chapter had an amazing success with their week long “Liberty Camp” in held conjunction with the Hancock Historical Museum in Findlay, Ohio. For 5 days, the men of the John Hancock Chapter manned a Revolutionary War camp on the museum grounds as part of the history summer camp, with different daily activities for the campers to partake in.  Beyond the military camp as setup by the John Hancock Chapter, youth also had 5 other daily stations including 18th century life, battles of the American Revolution and Causes for Independence. The SAR military camp ran the following schedule:

Monday:  The youth (2nd-7th grades) signed a five day enlistment form in the 8th Pennsylvania Regt.  and began their term in the army with musket drill.  They were reminded of the sacrifices and risks the patriots took to gain independence.

Tuesday:  The youth were “issued equipment” as they learned about the uniforms and gear of a soldier of the American Revolution. 

Wednesday:  The youth learned how to march, wheel and perform the firings as they took on an imaginary British line.  This taught the basics of 18th century warfare and the potential for confusion and danger on the battlefield.

Thursday:  The youth learned of the hardships of camp life including camp discipline, disease and food (or lack there of) as they tried hard sea biscuits and hasty pudding.


Friday:  The youth rolled their own musket cartridges (marbles and sand) as a keepsake, and learned about the workings of a musket, including firing demonstrations. (pictured above)

The John Hancock Chapter had seven in attendance who participated in the period accurate camp experience. From the John Hancock Chapter, Daniel Haas, Tom Putnam, Henry Stobbs, Jim Williams and Bill Barbarree all attended and taught each day in period uniforms, assisted by Irene Putnam and Toby Haas (CAR) who also attended in accurate period dress.

A highlight of the event was a visit by Congressman Bob Latta, as well as Ohio House Rep. Robert Sprague and other local Hancock County officials. (Congressman Latta and Dan Haas pictured below.)




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