Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Annual Community Awards – Akron


On April 5, 2014 at the Akron Woman’s City Cub Ballroom, the Akron Chapters of the National Societies of the Daughters of the American Revolution (Akron Chapter and Cuyahoga-Portage Chapter) and the Sons of the American Revolution (Lafayette Chapter) took part in their Annual Luncheon and Community Awards Presentation.

The color guard of the Western Reserve Society, John Franklin, Lee MacBride and Greg Arnold, and  Lafayette Chapter drummer, Bill Maling, posted and retired the color’s with the assistance of Ohio Society 1st Vice President, Ted Miner, carried the SAR Flag, and DAR member, Angie Klatik, carried the DAR Flag.

Lafayette Chapter President David Allison presented the SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal and certificate to Frank and Nancy Read for all their service to their community and church.  Frank was not able to attend, but his wife Nancy accepted the award on their behalf..

Over 20 members of the Lafayette Chapter and Western Reserve Society were in attendance with a large number of DAR ladies and guests.

A number of Community and Student Youth Awards where presented by the DAR.

Pictured (l-r) Members of the Lafayette Chapter  and Western Reserve Society  1st row:  Ted Minier (OHSSAR 1st Vice President), David Allison (Lafayette Chapter President),  Paul Morehouse (Lafayette Chapter Treasurer), James W. Glasgow Lafayette Chapter Secretary), Scott M. Glasgow (Lafayette Chapter Chaplain), John H. Franklin (Western Reserve Society color guard commander), Lee MacBride (WRS), Greg Arnold (WRS),  and Bill Maling ( Lafayette Chapter drummer)  Back row:  James D. Ball (LC), Sam Elias (LC),  Ken Dague (LC),  Kevin Sain (LC Historian), and Bill Fesler (LC)       


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