Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Children of the American Revolution – Dayton


The Ohio Society of the Children of the American Revolution held its Annual Conference near Dayton, Ohio over March 7-8-9.  Pictured above is the incoming State President Anastasia Demore and her mother Kim Smith Demor and brother Mike Demore.

State President William Fridenmaker hosted the meeting.  He reviewed his State Project which was to raise funds for  the National Museum of the United State Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

The OSCAR worked closely with the Education Department of the Museum Foundation, and have identified two opportunities for support.  The first is the restoration of the Memphis Bell.  As you may know, the Memphis Bell was one of the first B-17 bombers during WWII to safely complete its 25 mission tour of duty.  The plane was then housed and displayed in Memphis, TN until October 2005.  Unfortunately it was stored outside, and the years of weathering have all but ruined the aircraft.  It was then moved to one of the museums restoration hangars where it currently resides.

The second part will be to help fund the launch of their new Junior Aviator Magazine, which is scheduled to debut this fall.  This is the first publication of its kind, a national publication, targeted at kids under 15 that are interested in aviation.  In return, O.S.C.A.R. will be given some advertising in the magazine so it is a great publicity opportunity for C.A.R.

In attendance at the Saturday night banquet was Ohio Society SAR State President George Ruch,  Greg McCullough who was OSCAR Senior State President and Tony Robinson who is serving as the OSCAR Registrar.

Pictured below is SAR State President George Ruch presenting the outgoing CAR State President William Fridenmaker  with the Bronze C.A.R. medal and Certificate of Appreciation.

C.A.R. Annual Banquet 2014 008


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