Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Patriot Hupp Found – Miltonburg


Until two weeks ago Jonathan Hupp thought that he was a second generation Marine that was getting back to work as the Service Director of Marietta.  His friend, Jean Yost  of the Marietta Chapter of the SAR, discovered that Hupp  was actually eighth generation Marine.

Yost discovered the 1891 article in the National Magazine entitled, “The Secret Mission on the Ohio River.” The article outlines a secret supply mission for Fort Pitt in January 1778 in which Continental Marine Phillip Hupp volunteers.

After the war Phillip marries settles down near Fort Pitt.  In 1800 the Hupp family relocates to what is now Monroe County, Ohio to raise eight children. Philip dies in 1831 with Mary, his wife, lives until 1852.  Both are buried in Hessen Cemetery, just east of Miltonburg, Ohio.

On Thursday, December 19, 2013 Jonathan Hupp, his father Gary Hupp, and Jean Yost, all Marines drove over to rural Eastern Ohio to find and honor the Patriot. A wreath was laid at the grave of the long lost relative and a prayer of thanks raised for the sacrifice and service of that early Marine.



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