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WW II Vet Pildner Receives French Legion of Honor Medal – Harpersfield




Pictured about John Pildner’s (WW II uniform) are sons: Jim; Rick; John Jr. and David along with OHSSAR State President George Ruch and Chapter President Troy Bailey.

The Northern Ohio Chapter’s Veterans’ Day program was a special program for its members. John Pildner Sr. recently received the French Legion of Honor Medal for his service in World War II. Each year 100 of these medals are awarded by the French government to deserving veterans of World War II who participated in the liberation of France. 

Compatriot Pildner read a letter from the French Council General of Chicago, IL. The letter recognized John Pildner Sr. for his contribution in the liberation of France in WWII and the pride, thanks, and respect that French people have for American soldiers who participated in their liberation. In recognition of such contributions the Legion of Honor, established by Napoleon, is presented.

Honoree Pildner commented on his service in France during WWII. A member of the 290th Infantry Division he shipped over to England prior to D-Day. He landed at LeHarve, France after the D-Day invasion shortly after his 19th birthday. His division was transported inland. He served in a mine platoon of an anti-tank unit and saw action at the Bulge, Colmar Pocket and Ardennes. Pildner received a certificate of appreciation and recognition from the SAR Chapter #12.

As part of the Chapter  meeting five new members  were inducted: Scott Wlydgya (and son Liam) Patriot Ancestor Silas Peck; Michael McCleery, Patriot Ancestor Casper Everly; Bill Auten Jr., Patriot Ancestor Amos Gage; and Michael Nimocks, Patriot Ancestor Frederick Nimocks.






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One thought on “WW II Vet Pildner Receives French Legion of Honor Medal – Harpersfield

  1. I am so happy I found this article! I learned yesterday his mother was my paternal grandfather’s sister. Thank you, Ancestry.com!

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