Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Chapter Members Recognized – Lancaster


The Hocking Valley Chapter in Lancaster, Ohio held its annual awards luncheon on November 16th.

Dave Nessley was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. Military service medal to Bob Hill, bronze color guard medal to Tom Hankins, DAR medal of appreciation to Deanna Roshong, Martha Washington medal to Christine Dunn, and several members were given their Bronze Roger Sherman medals. James Dunn and Bob Davis were presented the Chapter Distinguished Service Award.

Two Bronze Citizenship Medals were presented to Chapter Members. One to Dave Nessley for his tireless efforts on the wreaths across America. Due to Compatriot Nessley work the chapter has reached its goal of 600 wreaths for the program. Enough to cover every tombstone of the veterans.

The other was given to Tom Hankins. Compatriot Hankins has been working with the history departments of Dennison and Capital to have the story of the winter at valley forge taught in their history classes. Both are scheduled to begin in the fall.

Congratulations to the chapter on an active year and to the members for all their work and dedication to the Sons of the American Revolution.

Above (L-R) Paul Irwin, Dave Nessley and Carl Roshong. Bottom (L-R) Paul Irwin, Tom Hankins, and Carl Roshong.



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