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John & Elizabeth Waggoner Marker – Fremont

2013-07 Gravemaking for John Waggoner

This Independence Day the family of a Northwest Ohio soldier and farmer who died in 1842 paid special tribute for his service during the Revolutionary War.

13 ABC’s Christine Long reports from the ceremony honoring John Waggoner at his grave near Fremont.

This wasn’t only a patriotic family reunion on Thursday to honor a man who served as one of George Washington’s body guards. This was also a headstone correction ceremony. For more than a century there has been a mistake. The wrong name was engraved as his wife.

Dozens of descendants of a Sandusky County pioneer and Revolutionary War soldier gathered this 4th of July at the grave site of John Waggoner.

They lined up together pulling the rope to unveil their ancestor’s headstone.

Family members say Waggoner was one of George Washington’s body guards. They don’t have any images of his face, but they’ve heard the stories and they treasure the heirlooms, like this sword from Washington.

“Washington said this man is a warrior. He is not afraid of a thousand devils,” says Jay Wagoner, who lives in Toledo. “Therefore Washington pretty much kept him by his side during the Revolution. Saved his life several times. He was within 15 feet of George Washington when General Cornwallis surrendered.”

Story was reported on Channel 13 ABC Toledo and the Toledo Blade.


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