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French Legion of Honor Medals – Georgetown


Saturday March 23rd, two WWII veterans became honored recipients of French Legion of Honor Medals, at the Ohio Veteran’s Home in Georgetown, Ohio. Presiding at the ceremony were Andrew Vogel, OVH administrator, and Col. Thomas Moe, Director, Ohio Dept. of Veterans Services.

Sgt. Daniel R. Constable entered the Army in February 1944, was with General George Patton at Utah Beach, and was one of the first to reach the German border, advancing to the “Bulge”.

Sgt (T/5) Joseph R. Shinkle entered the Army November 1942. He took part in the invasion of Southern France, going ashore in August 1944, liberating Cannes, Toulon and Marseille, then marched all the way into Germany.

Compatriot Jim Weeks of the Cincinnati Chapter SAR, was instrumental in guiding the award application process. On left, Daniel R. Constable, Compatriot Weeks, Joseph R. Shinkle, Rose Shinkle.


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One thought on “French Legion of Honor Medals – Georgetown

  1. Jerry on said:

    the National Society S.A.R.

    Page 68, the SAR Magazine, Volume 17, June 1922:

    The Ohio Society:

    Western Reserve Society of Cleveland –

    A fine address on “The Civil and Military Life of George Washington” was given by Brig.-Gen. John R. McQuigg, on the conclusion of which General McQuigg was unanimously elected as honorary member of the Society and presented
    with the bronze War Service Medal of the National Society.
    General John Rea McQuigg is buried at Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio
    Date of Death: 10/26/1928
    Section 5 Lot 512-0

    Born in Wooster, Ohio in 1865. The son of Samuel McQuigg & Jane McKinney.
    Grandson of John McQuigg Sr. and Sarah McAfee of Wooster, Ohio.
    Great grandson of William McAfee Sr. & wife, Martha of Dalton, Ohio.
    Gen. McQuigg’s wife, Gertrude Imgard of Wooster, Ohio.

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