Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Emeritus Memberships Recognized – Cleveland

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The National Society recognizes members for have been active with the Society for fifty or more years as Emeritus. Three members have been members since 1944: John Evans, Grant Hesser, and Frank Trautman. In Ohio over the last year twenty-two members received Emeritus Status:

Above Hank Heckman and his family receive recognition for 50 years of SAR membership from Ted Minier.

#01 Western Reserve Society
Arthur W. Barber
William M Carran Jr.
Henry H. Fertif Jr.
Henry T. S. Heckman
Philip A. Johnson
Ervin S. Palmer
Kirk C. Rose
Ebert Weidner
#03 Cincinnati
Robert E. Boling
E. Grant Hesser
Howard Earl Robbins
#04 Benjamin Franklin
John James Evans
Edgar J. Rennoe Jr.
Hiram H. Van Buren
#07 John Stark
Robert B. Keplinger Jr.
#08 Lafayette
Zimri C. Oseland Jr.
#10 Constitution
Gordon K. Bush Jr.
#11 Ewings
Robert Springer Heidler
George W. Peckman
Frank S. Trautman Jr.
#12 Northeastern Ohio
Zalmon O. Sherwood
#99 At-Large
David Tod


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