Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

230th Commeration of Col. Crawford – Upper Sandusky

The Northeastern Chapter, the John Hancock Chapter. the Centennial Chapter of the Ohio Society SAR and the Col. Crawford Chapter of the Ohio Society DAR held their 230th commeration of the Battle of Sandusky and the Death of Col. Crawford.

John McClellan from the Northeastern Chapter condusted a morning Education Program at the Upper Sandusky Community Library. Presentators included local historian Tom Hill, artist Patrick Fleming and Archeologist Stephen House. McClellan and a group of friends created a recording of the 1780’s Song of the Frontier called Crawford’s Defeat by the Indians that had its world premier at the event.

Bill Fast of Centennial Chapter and descendant of Christian Fast compares notes with John McClellan of Northeastern Chapter and Descendant of John B. McClelland. Both Christian Fast and John B. McClelland were at the Battle of Sandusky.

early afternoon the group moved to the Ritchie Cemetery, an early township cemetery where the current Col. Cradford Monument stands. The Honored speaker was Ann Goodman-Baker a descendant of Col William Crawford who re-told the story of the monument from 1877 to 1968 and on to the re-establishment of the marker in the Ritchy Cemetery in 1994. (The wind was so storng during her presentation Dan Haas is seen holding the speech)


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