Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Society Activities

Micajah Phillips Cemetery Fence Dedication – Marietta

Through the combined efforts of the Waterford High School FFA Welding Class, the Lower Muskingham Historical Society, the Sons of the American Revolution, Marietta Chapter and dozens more a new iron fence was placed around the family cemetery of Micajah Phillips in Watertown Township in Washington County.

Micajah was born a slave in the Tidewater region of Virginia between 1736 and 1769. He served the Rev. Murry Fountain who was a member of the Gloucester County Virginia Committee of Safety. Late in 1796 Micajah was purchased by Hermon Blennerhassett who had Michajah act as boatman to ferry guests across the Ohio River to the family’s island. Around 1806 Michjah became a free man and moved over the river to Marietta. In 1812, Micajah purchased 20 acres of land in Watertown township. He lived in the township until December 1861 when he dies at the reported age of 125 years.

Dever Norman has family connections to Michjah Phillips and acted as the Project Manager.


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