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Mahoning Valley Chapter SAR Salutes Bob Evans for Pledge – Boardman, OH

LtoR: Jim Alexander, Chaplain; Jonathan Guerrier, Treasurer; Vicky Robinson, Assistant Manager; Phil Bracy, Chapter President; John Opre, Vice President; and Scott Davis, Secretary. Photo by Diane Bracy

Bob Evans Restaurant, located at 7347 California Avenue, was recognized by the Mahoning Valley Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution on Friday, August 18, 2017 for it’s twice daily recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. The practice of reciting the pledge dates back to September of 2011.

Employee, Sally Canavan approached her manager, Fred Griffin, about the idea as a way to honor her World War II vet dad and all veterans. It has been a staple of the restaurant ever since, stated Assistant Manager Vicky Robinson. She went on to say they are proud to carry on the tradition  of honoring the Country and our Veterans.  Phil Bracy, Chapter President, said he was pleased to award this certificate to such a business. He went on to say” it is these everyday events that go unrecognized for showing Love of Country, in ways that have always reflected our National character, Love of Country and respect for our Veterans.

If you’re in Boardman, stop by, have a great meal; and if you are there at the correct time, recite the Pledge with the crew and customers!!

Mahoning Valley SAR Represented at Fort Laurens Memorial Service – Bolivar, OH

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, the Mahoning Valley Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution participated in Honoring the Unknown Patriot at Fort Laurens in Bolivar, Ohio. The Ohio Society conducts the ceremony each year with the assistance of the Ohio History  Connection, Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation and the Zoar Community Association. The highlights of the ceremony were: presentation of Colors from Color Guards from all over the United States, the Keynote address by VPG Robert Fish, a Memorial  Wreath Presentation by Sons , Daughters  and Children of the American Revolution and a musket salute. The  ceremony closed with Taps and Benediction.

Phil Bracey, President of Mahoning Valley Chapter saluting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in their first appearance as a Chapter of the SAR.  Photos courtesy of John and Betty Franklin.

Fort Laurens is the only American Revolutionary Fort in Ohio and was constructed in 1778 as a stepping stone across the West to stage an attack on the British at Fort Detroit. When the British became curious about colonist movements they sent a detachment of native Americans and British forces. An unarmed group of American soldiers without weapons were surprised by the British and 13 were killed while gathering firewood. The British and their allies then lay siege to the fort causing starvation and forcing Americans to eat grass and roots. 21 Americans died at Fort Laurens.American reinforcements arrived and drove the British off. It lost its strategic advantage and in 1779 was abandoned. On site is the Tomb of the Unknown Patriot resting place of one of the five  who were unable to be identified. No part of the fort remains above ground but the outline of the fort is still visible. Representing the Mahoning Valley Chapter were President, Phil Bracy who laid the Wreath for the Chapter at the tomb of the Unknown Patriot, Vice President John Opre and Secretary, Scott Davis.

The Sons of the American Revolution is a historical, educational and Patriotic organization. The purpose of the Society are to  maintain and extend the institutions of American Freedom, appreciation for true Patriotism, respect for National symbols, the values of American citizenship, the unifying force of e pluribus unum that has created from the people of many nations , one nation and one people. It’s members are male descendants of people who can document ancestry to those who served in the Revolutionary War or who contributed to establishing the Independence of the United States. If you would like information on the Chapter please contact us by e-mail at MVCSSAR@gmail.com or visit our facebook page.

Fort Laurens Remembered – Bolivar

2017-07-30 05.19.25

The Ohio Society and dozens of SAR Chapters from Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia, the DAR and the CAR presented wreaths and paid their respects to the Unknown Patriot at the site of Fort Laurens, the only American Revolutionary Fort in Ohio.

2017-07-30 05.05.49

 This annual nationally recognized event held on the last Saturday of July, the 29th this year, had over 40 members part of the Color Guard and over 50 wreaths presented.  Don McGraw, State Society President, presided over the ceremony with Don Merriman leading the National Anthem. Bob Fish of the West Virginia Society and Central District VPG, gave the Featured Presentation.

2017-07-30 05.06.01

 The Awards Luncheon had over 100 in attendance at the Firehouse Tavern In Zoar. Special recognition was made of the twenty men who have made contributions to the Fort Laurens Regiment. Joe Dooley of Virginia, Past PG of the National Society, and member of the Ohio Society was  made a General in the Regiment for his initial idea of the Regiment and continued support.   

2017-07-30 05.05.20

Jeff Wait and Bob Hill of Hocking Valley Chapter stand Guard at the memorial.

2017-07-30 05.19.44


City’s 221st Birthday – Cleveland


On Friday July 21, 2017, The City of Cleveland celebrated its 221st Birthday.  When Moses Cleveland’s surveying party landed on the shores of the Cuyahoga River, they surveyed the new Connecticut Western Reserve.  The team divided the area into town lots and named it Cleveland.


 The 2017 recipient  of the Herrick Award was Western Reserve Society SAR past president, Gilbert True (far right).  True has done a great deal to promote Cleveland and is very deserving of this award.

Honoring Pioneers at Erie St. – Cleveland


July 18, 2017 – The DAR, WRSSAR, 1812, Early Settlers Association, Old Stone Church, and Cleveland Grays at Erie Street Cemetery march in to present the colors for the new marker at Pastor Aikens monument and also to recognize the work to the repair of the vandalized monuments.


OHS at SAR Congress – Knoxville, TN

2017-08-05 08.39.12

The Ohio Society Members Attend the President General’s Banquet at the SAR National Congress in Knoxville, Tennessee.

2017 Congress, Knoxville, TN – Congratulations to Isaiah Paik, a student at University School, for his wonderful oration at the NSSAR Congress in Knoxville, TN. where he won second place.  Oration Co-Chairmen Jack Bredenfoerder and John Franklin, with Isaiah Paik and President General J. Michael Tomme.  Isaiah received an Oration Medal, a certificate and a check for $3,000. 


 John Franklin receives the highest SAR award, the Minuteman Award, from President General J. Michael Tomme.  Larry McKinley was Franklin’s escort.


Paul Wilke receives the Gold Color Guard Medal. (l-r: Jack Bredenfoerder, Tony Robinson, Anna Innsprucker, Paul Wilke, Steve Hart, and PG J. Michael Tomme 


Color Guard from Ohio joined the National Society Color Guard on Sunday for the Annual Memorial Service. (l-r: Shawn Cox, Tim Ward, Anna I. Wilke, Tony Robinson, Jack Bredenfoerder, Troy Bailey, Michael Gunn, Lady Bailey, and John Franklin.)





Liberty Camp – Logan


The Hocking Valley Chapter, Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution, recently participated for two nights in the annual Liberty Camp sponsored by the Four Corners Baptist Church near Logan, Ohio (Hocking County) during the last week of July. 

The Liberty Camp was a 5 day event for 3 hours each evening in a beautiful setting behind the church. The children were taught in separate groups of 20-minute classes at different stations. During the week, subjects ranged from our nation’s settlement, the founding documents, patriotism, colonial life and how food and clothing were made, Christianity in early America, patriot pastors of the Black Robe Regiment,  causes leading up to the American Revolution (including the Boston Tea Party where kids dumped boxes of “tea” from a playground wooden ship into the “harbor” of grass), Paul Revere’s ride, life in the Militia and Continental Army, medicine during this time, and the suffering at Valley Forge (in this session, kids walked in rag- wrapped feet through baby pools filled with ice water to get a feel for the cold at Valley Forge). 

On Tuesday evening, the Hocking Valley Chapter Color Guard posted the colors and performed their flag-folding ceremony for the children. Keith Kaufman gave his stirring Patrick Henry speech, classes on the Founding Documents were taught by John Dye, and Bob Hill taught about Paul Revere’s ride. On Wednesday, classes on surgery and medicine during the Revolution were taught by Tom Hankins, life in the Continental Army by Bob Davis and Bob Hill, and life in the Militia by Paul Irwin and David Nessley. Other chapter participants were Don Miller, Matt Hardman, Al Gummere, and Chuck Bundy. 

An elegantly robed King George lll walked around camp periodically each night, collecting “taxes” from the children’s “gold” coins earned during their participation in classes and giving correct answers. This gave the kids a taste of “taxation without representation.” On Friday, the last day  included a family banquet and period fife and drum music. Also, the children spent their remaining coins, not taxed by the king, at the camp store.

The Hocking Valley Chapter has enjoyed its association with the Liberty Camp for 4 years, and the SAR goals to promote patriotism, history, and education were fulfilled by its participation at the Liberty Camp.

Above:  Bob Hill, a dragoon with drawn saber, talks of how cavalry would attack infantry, as portrayed by his compatriot, Bob Davis.


Photo Two: Tom Hankins discusses medicine and surgery during the Revolution.


Photo Three: Paul Irwin talks about life in the Militia.


Photo Four: John Dye speaks to his class on our nation’s Founding Documents.

Arthur St. Clair Chapter SAR Honors Soldiers of the Revolution – Ross County, OH

The Arthur St.Clair Chapter of the Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution honored three Revolutionary War Soldiers at noon on July 15, 2017, brothers Andrew and William Cochran, and the Father-in-Law of Andrew Cochran, Thomas Hewitt. All of these soldiers, born in Ireland, moved to Ohio from Northumberland County, PA after serving as Rangers of the Frontier, and in the Pennsylvania Continental Line, during the Revolutionary War.

L>R – Joe Forte, Bill McBroom, Jeff Johnson, (fife player) John Conklin, Terry Cochran, Kregg Uhrig, Dave Cochran, Tom Morris

Military headstones with “1776” flag markers were installed for two of the soldiers, Andrew Cochran and Thomas Hewitt, in the “Old Clark Farm Cemetery”, otherwise known as the Greenland Cemetery, in Concord Township, Ross County, Ohio. The headstones were installed in this cemetery because some of their children are buried here. It is unknown where these two soldiers are actually buried, but documentation proves them to be in the area while in their 90s.

The third soldier, William Cochran, is buried in the Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Concord Township, Ross County, Ohio, just south of Roxabell, Ohio. William’s grave was already marked by a headstone so the only items recently installed were a “1776” flag marker and flag.

Thomas Hewitt had served with extra distinction, he was elected President Judge for Northumberland County, PA and served in that position from 1776 – 1780 with four other sub-ordinate judges, he was further appointed to confiscate properties of Loyalists for 1777 – 1778 and distribute to others as needed. Thomas’s daughter Isabel married Andrew Cochran in Northumberland County. The couple relocated to Ohio shortly after the marriage. He attained the age of 103 before death.

Revolutionary Soldier reenactors, (Joseph Ogle’s Company, Ohio County Militia), composed of members Joe Forte, Kregg Uhrig, Bill McBroom, David Cochran, Terry Cochran, Jeff Johnson, Tom Norris, and fife player John Conklin did an excellent military memorial service for the three soldiers recognized. All these reenactors should be recognized for their superior authentic dress, weapons, and attention to detail. All our patriots deserve no less of a memorial. This service was provided free of charge to these soldiers and this group have provided several similar services to the other SAR and DAR recognition ceremonies in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Indiana.

Arthur St. Clair Chapter President Steven Patrick conducts the ceremony.

Tom Lovensheimer of the Arthur St. Clair Chapter SAR does opening Invocation after Pledge of Allegiance.

Helen Norris of the Nathaniel Massie DAR does a reading.

Dr. Michael Geron does a reading.

Skylar Grate, a descendant and DAR Member, provides information pertaining to the Cochran Brothers.

Steven Patrick, Arthur St. Clair Chapter President provides information pertaining to Thomas Hewitt.

Dr. Michael Geron unveils the headstones after a reading.

SAR members and descendants of soldiers – Terry and Mike Cochran place flags.

The local Daughters of the American Revolution Chapters – Nathaniel Massie Chapter of Ross County, Ohio and Pickaway Plains of Pickaway County, Ohio, both had members participate in the ceremony. Barbara Geron of Pickaway Plains Chapter presented a wreath for her chapter and LaVersa Motes of Nathaniel Massie Chapter presented a wreath for her chapter, and her chapter provided water and cookies to be enjoyed after the ceremony as well.

Barbara Geron – Pickaway Plains – DAR

LaVersa Motes – Nathaniel Massie – DAR

DR. Michael Geron presented a wreath for the Arthur St. Clair Chapter.

Closing remarks were provided by Arthur St. Clair Chapter President Steven Patrick and the closing benediction was provided by Arthur St. Clair Chapter Genealogist Tom Lovensheimer.  Twenty-five Cochran descendants attended the memorial service as pictured below. In this picture are two DAR members and two SAR members.

Picture of SAR and DAR Members present at ceremony.

William Cochran’s Headstone is not in this cemetery, as earlier mentioned. Below is a photo of his headstone.

Note: Thomas Hewitt’s descendants are mostly in Illinois and Iowa. Steven Patrick made contact with a Hewitt family in Iowa and they were planning on attending the ceremony but the patriarch of the family became very ill and the family decided to stay with him, as the illness was very serious.

Members of Arthur ST. Clair Chapter that participated in this event were;

Steven Joe Patrick – President    Nicholas Hamilton – Secretary

Dr. Michael Geron – Registrar   Robert Fetters – Genealogist

Tom Lovensheimer – Event Chaplain

John Motes – observer

Justin Peterson – observer

Shaw Cox – OHSSAR 1st Vice-President – observer

Steven JTTR Patrick Jr. – Jr. Member – observer

Carter Scott Patrick – Jr. Member – observer

Terry Cochran and Mike Cochran – descendants

Let us never forget the sacrifices our Revolutionary Patriots, and their families, endured so that we may have the freedoms that all Americans now enjoy, so that we never take these freedoms for granted. 

If information is needed please contact me.

Steven Joe Patrick

OHSSAR Arthur St. Clair Chapter President

728 East Main Street

740-772-2254 (H)

740-649-6038 (C)

Chillicothe, Ohio 45601     sjppatrick@outlook.com

Marietta Chapter Celebrates Northwest Ordinance of 1787 – Marietta, OH

On July 13th, 2017, the Ohio Society SAR Marietta Chapter Registrar Jean Yost hosted the 230th Anniversary Celebration of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 that was held at the Start Westward Monument in Muskingum Park, Front Street, Marietta, OH.  The program included:

  • “Education in the Northwest Ordinance” by Marietta College President William Rudd
  • “Legal Provisions of Ordinance” by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French
  • Slavery Prohibited in Northwest Territory” by Denver Norman

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787, officially titled “An ordinance for the Government of the Territory of the United States Northwest of the River Ohio”, was adopted by the Confederation Congress on July 13, 1787.  It established a government for the Northwest Territory, outlined the process for admitting new states to the Union, and guaranteed that newly created states would be equal to the original thirteen states.  Considered one of the most important legislative acts of the Confederation Congress, the Northwest Ordinance created the building blocks and model of what became our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The document guaranteed protection of civil liberties, prohibited slavery, recognized religion and morality as necessary for good governance, and outlined that education should be forever encouraged in the new territories.  The Northwest Territory included Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota.

Western Reserve Celebrates 125th – Shaker Heights


Western Reserve Society, Chapter One of the Ohio Society, celebrated its 125th Anniversary on Friday, June 18, 2017. It is the second oldest and the largest membership  chapter in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Over one hundred members and guests dined at the Shaker Heights Country Club just east of Downtown Cleveland.

Pictured below, a combined State Color Guard with members from five chapters.





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